Heikki Lehtonen

Research Professor


Doctor of Science in Technology






Latokartanonkaari 9, 00790 Helsinki


Research areas: 1. Model based economic analysis of agriculture: effects of EU and global agricultural and trade policy changes on prices, regional production, farm structure and farm income at sector level: farm level analyses using static and dynamic optimization models: economy wide analyses of agricultural policies in cooperation with CGE modelers: model-based counterfactual analysis of agricultural and agri-environmental policies: 2. Integrated economic and ecological modeling - integrating economic models with nutrient leaching models: economic implications of changed manure handling and recycled nutrients at farm and sector level: economic and environmental performance of agri-environmental policies: 3. Climate change in agricultural sector: Adaptation to climate change at farm and sector level, integrating crop level and farm level management (e.g. fertilization, liming, crop rotation and protection, cultivars): economic and production impacts of policy measures aiming at greenhouse gas emission reductions in agriculture: 4. Agricultural sector modeling: dynamic partial equilibrium modeling (DREMFIA model): modeling endogenous technical and structural change: