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MiX99 is a software suite for breeding value estimation of large-scale genetic and genomic evaluations. MiX99 can be used with wide variety of prediction models and data sets. The software is used worldwide in national and international evaluations for cattle but also for pigs, horses, sheep, goats, fish, foxes, poultry and barley.

Some of the most important applications are genomic evaluations with massive number of genotyped animals and large random regression test-day models for national dairy cattle evaluations. MiX99 software is available for Linux and Windows environments, optionally utilizing parallel computing.

MiX99 software packages

To meet the different needs of world-wide research projects and industry users, MiX99 software suite is available in three different packages: MiX99, MiX99 Pro and MiX99 Core.

  • MiX99: The standard MiX99 software package includes the most recent officially released version of MiX99. This includes data pre-processor program mix99i, solving program mix99s, reliability approximation program apax99, reliability estimation program exa99, heterogeneous variance adjustment program mix99hv, MiXtools programs for data preparation and model validation purposes and programs for parallel computing.
  • MiX99 Pro: Available for partners who take part in Luke’s research on developing state-of-the-art genetic evaluation methodology and the MiX99 software. MiX99 Pro includes all software of standard MiX99 along with the newest developments. The newest features are available for research project participating partners only, until they will be included into the MiX99 official release version.
  • MiX99 Core: Limited version, including only the basic programs mix99i, mix99s and apax99 needed for genetic evaluations. It allows a large variety of statistical models applied in genetic evaluation. MiX99 Core is available for emerging countries that are establishing genetic evaluation technology and cattle evaluation centers.

MiX99 provides the kernel for the MiXBLUP software, developed in collaboration with Wageningen UR Livestock Research (NL).

Please contact the MiX99 Team for availability and pricing.


CLIM: Command Language Interface for MiX99
Technical reference guide for MiX99 pre-processor
Technical reference guide for MiX99 solver