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The Jokioinen FoodPilot test facility offers diverse and innovative process equipment, for example, for food research. In addition to the test facility, the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) offers in-depth expertise in raw materials, competence in multiple industries, long-term research and a fearless approach to new challenges. The premises of the test facility meet the requirements of the Finnish Food Act.

Benefits for customers

Luke’s FoodPilot test facility in Jokioinen provides customers with access to equipment and services that they would not otherwise acquire. Testing on a pilot scale reduces risks associated with the transfer to actual production. Identifying any bottlenecks in production beforehand speeds up the transfer of processes to industrial production. Any needs for new production technologies can be tested before making any investments. The material generated during test production enables comprehensive further studies.  

Examples of FoodPilot services

  • The tests and optimisations required for research, R&D and production processes
  • Separation of bioactive compounds from the source material, test production
  • Consultation related to R&D, processes and equipment
  • Transfer of separation processes from the R&D laboratory to pilot production (scale-up)
  • Analysis of factory-sized production processes on a pilot scale (scale-down)
  • Information and consultation related to the use of equipment and the processing of products
  • Analysis of samples in a laboratory: microbiological and chemical analyses, as well as bioactive and functional properties.
  • Sensory evaluation

Why Luke?

Luke is a research and specialist organisation which combines expertise in renewable natural resources and sustainable food production.

Considering food research, it is important to fully understand the production chain, from field to fork. Our strengths include our broad expertise in sustainable food production and related research and customer service.

FoodPilot test facility provides customers with access to equipment and services that they would not otherwise acquire. Photo: Eetu Ahanen.

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