Expert services Fish

Improving the living conditions of migratory fish in regulated rivers requires extensive knowledge and understanding. The long-term research activities and extensive expertise of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) support the National Fish Passage Strategy which guides to shift focus from fish stocking towards restoring natural reproduction. To reach this goal, new information about the behaviour of fish and supporting solutions in built rivers is needed.


Cooperation with Luke enables research-based activities to improve the living conditions of fish. Using research services, companies can minimise the environmental impact of their operations, improve their sustainable environmental activities and strengthen their image as a sustainable company. Luke will obtain the permits required for different activities.


The purpose of the services is to produce information which can then be used to restore migratory fish stocks in regulated rivers. Services may include, for example, the modelling of flowing waters, key living environments and fish movements and studies on fish behaviour and reproduction opportunities in different conditions, both in nature and in experimental environments.

Multifaceted problems can be tackled by full-range services including modelling, use of existing research data, and new targeted studies. Results can, for example, be recommendations for activities that help to improve the status of migratory fish stocks. The services are planned separately for each case.

Why Luke?

Finland has a one-of-a-kind cooperation model between research and public and private sectors to restore fish stocks in regulated watercourses. Luke has collected time series spanning over decades on migratory fish studies and the impact of actions taken to restore fish stocks.  The focus of research has been extensively placed on applied research and the identification of practical solutions. The best lessons learned and practices can be reproduced and customised.

Photo: Maare Marttila.