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The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) provides testing and R&D services for crop protection enterprises, enterprises developing biological control solutions, as well as farming organisations and enterprises.

Benefits for customers

We help our customers to develop new products and conduct the independent efficacy studies required for obtaining an EU approval for plant protection products. We have significant resources for plant protection product studies regarding different plant pests. This allows us to carry out comprehensive test series on fields and in our greenhouses. We have knowledge of the Nordic farming conditions and we comply with the international GEP quality system which guarantees reliable test results.


We identify the needs together with the customer and customise services according to each request. A service can be a single test or a series of tests at different testing locations. We also offer consultancy services for the development of biological control solutions.

Examples of our services:

  • Efficacy studies of plant protection products (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, growth regulators) in accordance with Good Experimental Practice (GEP) quality requirements and the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization’s (EPPO) standards
  • Planning and implementation of field, greenhouse and laboratory tests
  • Analysis of research results and their interpretation for the customer
  • Testing the resistance of weeds to herbicides
  • Efficacy testing for biocides (e.g. insect repellents, rodenticides) and related consultancy services
  • Consultancy services for the development of biological control solutions, e.g. bio-based pesticides (e.g. expert evaluations, literature research, field and greenhouse tests)

GEP studies are usually wholly funded by the customer, and their results are reported confidentially. In addition, we carry out public and jointly-funded advisory studies and demonstrations. We use the ARM program and its client versions to plan, conduct and report our tests.

Why Luke?

Luke has extensive experience in plant protection product testing, various plant diseases, weeds, insect pests and their control. Our research is supported by modern and continuously developed research infrastructure and its competent technical staff.

We are experts in Nordic farming conditions and plant species, as well as the impact of conditions on the functioning of plant protection products. Our expertise and experience also enable the development of biological control methods.

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