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Biopaja, an experimental facility in Jokioinen, enables studying and demonstrating various solutions to recycle nutrients and organic matter contained in different biomasses. Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) works with and serves companies in developing and implementing recycled fertilisers, renewable energy and other value added products.

Benefits for customers

Biopaja helps customers to test biomass processing into new valuable products by means of biogas technologies, pyrolysis and nutrient recovery.

Furthermore, Biopaja enables the study of versatile processing chains combining various technologies (cascade processing). Flexibility with respect to raw materials facilitates development of new products from various biomasses and side streams. Experiments ensure that the processing chain works properly before going to full scale and thus reduce investment-related risks. Together with Luke´s expertise on biomass availability and end-use of the new products, we will make the most out of your raw material.


Biopaja services are customised according to the specific needs of each customer. Examples of our services:

  • investigation of biomass potentials
  • productivity and cost benchmarking
  • biogas and pyrolysis experiments
  • laboratory analytics
  • experiments on manufacturing and use of fertilisers
  • expert consulting and studies
  • customised studies in accordance with customer-specific needs
  • research and development projects in cooperation with universities, research institutions and companies


Different plant biomasses and animal manure are generated in agricultural and forest sector as side streams. Biogas technologies can be used to process them into various valuable products. Controlled processing and the development of applications for end-products can improve the circulation of nutrients and carbon in agriculture and also reduce adverse environmental impacts (bio-based fertilisers and soil conditioners).

In Biopaja, chemicals can be separated from biomasses to replace fossil products (such as plastics and fuels) and to produce various recycled fertilisers and renewable fuel (e.g. biogas).

The pyrolysis process fractionates biomasses into gas, liquid and solids (e.g. biochar). Luke’s experimental equipment helps to test the applicability of biomasses in the pyrolysis process. Our experts and laboratories offer comprehensive services to analyse the quality of end-products and to test their performance in various applications.

In addition, Biopaja serves to test and develop new combinations of different technologies (cascade processing). By using side-stream generated in the production of a single value added product as a raw material to another processing technology, biomasses can be used comprehensively with no waste-streams.

Why Luke?

Luke’s expertise covers the entire biomass chain. Luke is an expert in raw materials and their properties, collection chains, process technologies and end-products, as well as their effective use in their applications. What is more, Luke is also familiar with national and international laws and regulations governing the field. Our continuous research and extensive partnership networks make the most recent information about current development available to you.