General, Yleinen

The economic value of the priceless: revealing the benefits of outdoor recreation in Finland : Doctoral Dissertation

The benefits of outdoor recreation are numerous. By the everyman’s right there is an abundant supply of outdoor recreation opportunities in Finland, and outdoor recreation is a popular way for Finns to spend free time. In this thesis the importance of the recreational use of nature in Finland was studied in economic terms.

Biodiversity, Circular economy, General, Yleinen

Understanding the regional bioeconomy settings and competencies in 29 EU regions in 11 EU countries

This report presents the bioeconomy settings and competencies for 29 regions in 11 EU countries. The results of this study contribute to the further discussions with the planned EU bioeconomy policy support facility. The study results confirm the assumption that the main drivers for the transition towards a bioeconomy varies between EU regions.

Food, General, Yleinen

E-yearbook of Food and Natural Resource Statistics for 2018

This is the fourth time the E-yearbook of Food and Natural Resource Statistics of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has been published. The publication collates the key statistics for the Finnish food and natural resources economy and contains links to the up-to-date statistics database in our online service. The publication presents statistics for agriculture and the food processing industry, the forest sector, and the game and fisheries industry. The ‘Bioeconomy in Finland’ theme is covered for the first time in this year’s publication.