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Improving quality and treatment of water and vegetables in fresh-cut vegetable processing : Doctoral Dissertation

The aim of this study was to improve the processing of fresh-cut vegetables through collecting information on the hygienic level of waters and vegetables, decontamination methods and their efficacy, water use and waste waters which helps companies to improve their processes and self-monitoring activities. One aim of this study was to also evaluate on-farm waste water treatment systems carrying out peeling of vegetables.

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E-yearbook of Food and Natural Resource Statistics for 2018

This is the fourth time the E-yearbook of Food and Natural Resource Statistics of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has been published. The publication collates the key statistics for the Finnish food and natural resources economy and contains links to the up-to-date statistics database in our online service. The publication presents statistics for agriculture and the food processing industry, the forest sector, and the game and fisheries industry. The ‘Bioeconomy in Finland’ theme is covered for the first time in this year’s publication.

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Agriculture and food sector in Finland 2018

The annual review of agriculture and the food industry in Finland, prepared, again, by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), presents a current outlook for the sectors covered and the most recent research data in a single volume. It provides comprehensive information on the operating environment in agriculture and the food sector, the development of the agricultural and food markets, agricultural policy, the structural development and economic situation in agriculture, and the interaction between agriculture and the environment.

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Synthesis on bioeconomy monitoring systems in the EU Member States – indicators for monitoring the progress of bioeconomy

This report presents an overview of existing bioeconomy strategies, policies or related initiatives and indicators to monitor and assess these at EU MS level, and the importance of existing bioeconomy sectors at national level. Furthermore, it presents the existing or needed most suitable bioeconomy key indicators and related indicators, and their respective data availability, for assessing and monitoring the progress of a bioeconomy at national level. The identified most suitable bioeconomy indicators important and feasible at the national context, can contribute to the further discussions when setting the frame for the development of a common EU bioeconomy monitoring system.


Demand for food and nutrients and its climate impact: A micro-econometric analysis of economic and socio-demographic drivers

In the publication we present a fresh analysis of Finnish food consumption based on an econometric assessment of a complete food demand system. The data comes from the 2012 Household Budget, which contains over 3550 observations and provides a detailed survey of household food consumption over two weeks for more than 200 food categories.

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Fireweed, roseroot, Bergenia and chokeberry – joint research for supporting the herb production

In this publication you find the main results of the project called ”Special crop education for economic development in North-West Russia and South-East Finland SPECICROP”. These results concern the fermentation methods of fireweed and Bergenia leaves, measurements of active substances of different roseroot strains, the effect of Bergenia leaf extract for the endurance of sportsmen, the effect of chokeberry for blood pressure and inflammatory factors and the development of herb production in Leningrad area and Finland.