Despite of the high and growing interest on Recirculation Aqua-culture Systems (RAS), biological problems and technical risks in the RAS concept have not been solved completely. Also, high investment costs are still a challenge and the grow-out RAS-farms have not yet proven their profitability. The profitability is now sought after by the economy of scale. Project sizes are therefore becoming too large for small and medium size aquaculture companies.


Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is preparing the commercialization of a novel modular shipping container concept for land-based fish farming. Luke’s modular shipping container concept uses mixed-cell raceway principle. Novel water circulation and treatment technology supports high feeding levels and fish densities. Each container tank is a complete plug-and-play fish farming unit; only electricity and water connections are needed on-site. No underground piping is used in the concept. All water treatment processes are done directly in the fish tank, which allow effective process and space utilization. Modular units can be used as partial recycling units or as full RAS units depending on client’s needs.


Land-based modules that are based on shipping containers can be easily transported to any location. They can be placed even inside existing buildings, due to the shape of the units and above the ground piping system. Simple and reliable partial recirculation process reduces risks of farming and investment costs. Ultra-low pumping head makes the process very energy efficient.

IPR status

Patent application, Water Circulation and Aeration System for Aquaculture Facility, Related Facility, Methods and Use, filed in Finland 5/2020 and corresponding PCT application filed 5/2021. The preparation of commercialization of modular Shipping Container Concept for Land-based Fish Farming is funded by Business Finland and Natural Resources Institute Finland.