An aquaculture breeding programme needs to resolve a challenge of maintaining genetic variance in the nucleus broodstock, while simultaneously providing to fish farmers the very top, genetically superior fishes that are also phenotypically and genetically more uniform.


The solution is the creation of a very large group of genetically superior progeny that are maximally related to each other. Specific mating and selection methods are used in the nucleus broodstock to produce such progeny for on-growing at fish farms or for multipliers.


Genetically elite fish with superior traits can be reared at on-growing farms. Our solution results in more uniform end product from on-growing. Nucleus broodstock maintains genetic variation to ensure genetic improvement of fish traits in a long term. Luke’s solution also enables protection of genetic material of the nucleus broodstock from unauthorized use in other broodstocks.

IPR status

A patent, ‘Method for the Production of Fish Progeny’, validated in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.