The future of bioeconomy is bright. However, investors need reliable information in order to evaluate the new investment opportunities in the fast-growing field.

Luke helps you assess, manage and optimise investment decisions in sustainable bioeconomy – whether you are a traditional actor in the natural resources sector with new investment plans, interested in expanding your business into bioeconomy, or allocating and managing funding towards bioeconomy or nature-based solutions.

Featured Luke solutions

Assessments of regional biomass availability and supply

Luke’s services and solutions provide information on the current and future availability of biomass feedstocks and the feasibility of siting biorefineries or energy production. We perform assessments of regional biomass feedstock availability and costs as well as the best logistic supply solution.

Environmental and sustainability assessments

Luke provides companies, decision makers and municipalities with environmental and sustainability assessments of products, systems and investments. Our added value is the vast knowledge of production chains originating from natural resources, combined with science-based expertise in holistic sustainability.

We provide high-quality services for the assessment of carbon and other footprints as well as the management of environmental hot spots and other sustainability elements in order to improve the supply chain or holistic valorisation of biomasses.

Market analyses and forecasts, forest valuations and sustainable value management of forest bioeconomy

Luke’s analyses and forecasts help you evaluate the changes in the market and take advantage of new bioeconomy business opportunities. We analyse global forest and wood product industry trends and the short term development of the markets. Based on the latest research, the information benefits the whole industry as well as individual businesses.

Forest valuation has become increasingly important as forest sector investments increase. Luke provides valuation reports in accordance with the current accounting standards and the customer’s wishes.

Impact analyses – from local to global level

Luke provides analyses and assessments of potential locations for bioeconomy functions with GIS analysis and simulations. We also analyse the socioeconomic impacts and prospects of bioeconomy investments for localities and regions as well as on national or global level. With our diverse modelling expertise, we can answer questions such as:

  • What is the optimal size and location for, for instance, a biogas facility?
  • What are the socioeconomic impacts of bioeconomy investments?
  • What is the optimal logistic chain for different types of biomasses?

Assessments of market and yield risks

Profitability of bioeconomy companies is unavoidably influenced by weather, production conditions – such as yield, pests and diseases – and changes in market prices. Luke analyses the effects of different risk factors on investments or value creation and management.

Luke produces information regarding the likelihood of the investment being profitable and keeping its value. Entrepreneurs and investors are provided with valid information on whether breakeven conditions are met with the investment under the current risk situation.

Luke answers questions such as:

  • How does volatility in input and output prices affect the profitability of the investment?
  • How does yield risk affect the profitability of the investment?
  • Which is the more significant source of economic risk: market or yield risk?
  • How to manage risks effectively in nature-based conditions and bioeconomy in general?
  • What are the odds for successful business?

Feasibility studies

A thorough feasibility study is needed to assure investors, partners, asset managers or entrepreneurs of a projected company’s possibilities for efficiency and profitability in its planned area. Luke conducts studies that anchor the future companies into the surrounding world of markets, legislation, resources, and other industry frameworks.

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