Luke offers tailored research services and solutions throughout the forest industry value chain. Our knowledge is based on long-term monitoring and field tests. Our key focus is on forest resources and mapping, forest resource projections, optimisation and planning systems, simulation of stand dynamics and forest management effects, market analyses, forecasts and valuations.

Featured Luke solutions

Forest resource inventory and mapping

Luke can provide you with tailored forest resource information on a target area in Finland or elsewhere. We offer services for designing, implementing and developing forest monitoring and mapping systems. Our solutions merge the latest 3D remote-sensing materials or other remote-sensing data with field surveys.

Forest resource projections, optimisation and planning systems

Luke provides decision support for the planning of forest resource use and management. We offer sub-national, national, regional and Europe-level wood supply analysis based on National Forest Inventory (NFI) and forest resource projection models. Our software tools also facilitate policy scenario modelling, environmental impact assessment, integrated optimisation of wood supply and forest management, and forest planning at estate level.

Simulation of stand dynamics and forest management effects

Detailed optimisation improves forest value considerably in comparison to unmanaged forests and current “standard” forestry. Luke provides decision support for multifunctional and sustainable forest management. Our services include comprehensive analyses on the impacts of forest management alternatives and tailored decision support tools for forest management planning.

Market analyses, forecasts and valuations

Luke’s analyses and forecasts help you evaluate the changes in the market and take advantage of new bioeconomy business opportunities. We analyse global forest and wood product industry trends and the short term development of the markets. Based on the latest research, the information benefits the whole industry as well as individual businesses.

Forest valuation has become increasingly important as forest sector investments increase. Luke provides valuation reports in accordance with the current accounting standards and the customer’s wishes.

Forest Sector Models

Luke maintains and develops market-based sectoral models which allow flexible scenario analyses on forest and energy sectors, both at the national and regional levels in Finland. Research analysis which is based on the demand for and supply of timber, forest and energy products takes into account changes in the end product markets, policy environment and in landowners’ behavior.


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