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Please contact:

Henkilökuvassa John Kettle

John Kettle, Director for Customer Solutions and International Relations
Expertise: International Expert Services

Tel.: 029 532 2240

Kuvassa Juha-Matti Katajajuuri

Juha-Matti Katajajuuri, Senior Customer Manager
InnoFood, Biosociety and Boreal Green Bioeconomy programmes
Expertise: circular economy, LCA, biomass processing, nutrient circulation
Tel.: +358 29 532 6219

Eero Mikkola, Senior Customer Manager
Boreal Green Bioeconomy programme
Expertise: forest sector
Tel.: +358 29 532 2140

Henkilökuvassa Erkki Vasara

Erkki Vasara, Senior Customer Manager
Innovative Food System programme
Expertise: food industry, dairy technology, regional and rural development
Tel.: 029 532 6022

Mikko Järvinen
Group Manager
Expertise: milk value chain, grass production
Tel.: +358 29 532 6192

Henkilökuvassa Pauli Saarenketo

Pauli Saarenketo, Principal Specialist
Expertise: IPR and licencing

Tel.: 029 532 6569