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Collaboration, by bringing complementary expertise and know-how, is a key factor in building the reputation of a research institute.

Luke’s Rovaniemi research station is one of the northernmost of Luke’s stations. Rovaniemi has the privilege of being located in Lapland, a geographical area that extends from 70km north of Oulu (65°36’N) to Nuorgam (70° 4’N). The proximity of existing field sites in the northern boreal forest zone and the possibility to implement new field experiments in sub-Arctic conditions is an advantage that should be developed.

Luke’s Rovaniemi station has also one of the northernmost research laboratories in Finland. Acquisition of diverse equipment during the recent years allowed development of diverse techniques in soil, plant or microbiology research.

In a common effort to develop our lab use and network connection, we gathered information from researchers in the Rovaniemi unit and built up a list of Methods available in Luke Rovaniemi laboratory that we would be happy to propose for collaboration. There you will find the name of contact persons, so please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any interest spending time in our lab!

Tervetuloa, welcome, bienvenue!

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