Social license to operate (SLO) refers to local acceptance of large scale projects. It is an approach developed in mining industry as a response to social – and possibly the following – economic risk.

The need for gaining local acceptance is not limited only to mining, but also to other nature-based industries operating in the North, such as forestry and tourism. Location-based information from people supports context-sensitive management of natural resources, which can reduce conflicts and increase the social acceptability of mining and other development projects. SLO refers to self-regulation of different industries, and it goes beyond the legislation including e.g. voluntary participatory processes, social projects implemented in host communities and so on.

WP3 will review strategies of different industries (forestry, mining and tourism) to gain the SLO. The first output of the WP will be an assessment of company-community relationship and SLO-processes established. The second output is the method of adaptive governance to be used for management of ecosystems in a locally sustainable way.

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